Abundant Life Charity

December School Update

It has been almost a month since we have opened the school to support the children of the Dominican. Currently, there are 64 children with very limited paid contributions from the families.

December School Update

COVID has presented some unique challenges to opening the school and the number of children enrolls exceeds ministry rules so we have hired an additional teacher. There is now a team of 5 teachers to support the education of the children.

It was discovered that Pastor Gabi has been taking a very meagre salary in order put the needs of others ahead of his own. Although Abundant Life Charity is focused on giving 100% of the money donated to the ministry, Gabi is the boots on the ground to allow us to support these children. We are moving forward in faith for the finds to come throughout the school year from those who are supporting to pay for these new expenses.

In our last update, we shared that new security cameras have been installed and we hope that this will end the vandalism that we have experienced.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us this year. It has been an unusual year with some unexpected obstacles but we are grateful for the meaningful ways that people have given back.

As we celebrate a time of year of abundance, community and connection, your support means more than ever. Your donation does so much more than just address a physical need – it shows the Dominican children that they are loved.

Summer at the Abundant Life Charity

27 August 2021

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of Dominican children by providing education, spiritual guidance and the relieving of poverty. As a part of our spiritual guidance initiative, some of our students have taken part in Summer Camp Bible studies.

Providing Food and Essentials

11 June 2021

For $400US, the Abundant Life Charity can provide the families of the Batay with meals for 2-3 days. For some, these  are the only meals they are able to eat in a week. Our goal is to help these families do more than just survive.

Selected as 1 in 5 Schools by Minister of Education

29 May 2021

The Abundant Life Charity school was paid a visit by the Minister of Education. Just months after opening their doors, they are able to participate as one in only 5 schools to carry out the Community Satisfaction Survey for the school year.