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Have you ever had the privilege of being part of someone’s dream or vision?  It is the most humbling experience that warms your heart and drives you to want to become involved.

That is what many of us experienced as part of the Home Hardware team. We were able to be part of the Abundant Life Charity building of the school.  The faces and hearts of the children, the bus drivers who drove us to the site, parents of children, the workmen and fellow Home Hardware vendors and dealers, shone through with such kindness and purpose.  We were building not just a school but a future for so many children that will be attending.  The paint that was splattered on uniforms, Sunday best clothing and faces glowed with being part of something so positive.

The hopes and futures of so many for so long rested on the shoulders of Pastor Gabriel D’Alusma and his wife, until he met Kevin and Denise MacNab. These four developed a friendship and bond over the years wherein Kevin and Denise would assist Pastor Gabriel in any way they could.  The poverty they witnessed was heart breaking and Kevin and Denise had no choice but to help. 

I have personally been to the site, worked with all of the above mentioned, experienced and witnessed such emotional gifting and receiving of working side by side together with a common purpose of a building a future for others who might not otherwise have that opportunity.  Seeing grown men overcome with emotion as Pastor Gabi’s dream and vision was finally becoming a reality was an experience I hope never fades for me.


Denise Macnab (left), Ingris Pavilis (middle), Kevin Macnab (right)
Denise Macnab (left), Ingris Pavilis (middle), Kevin Macnab (right)

In order to fulfill this vision, more needs to be done. Ongoing donations are essential. The ground level has been built and some of the furniture and educational supplies have been purchased. We still need  funding to complete this phase  AND are currently short on the full amount to operate the school this year.
To give you an idea of how many hands ( donees ) can make this possible the following may help:   

  • 200 of us giving $30 pcm would pay for running costs
  • 200 giving $50 pcm would run the school AND feed the people on the Batay.
  • 200 giving $80 pcm would run the school, feed the Batay community AND make the essential build of the second storey building possible.

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